What You Need To Know About Peak Flow And Spirometry Testing During Covid-19

What You Need To Know About Peak Flow And Spirometry Testing During Covid-19

Controlling Spirometry In Covid-19 For Asthma Diagnosis Or Monitoring

Spirometry is the most commonly recommended test for lung function to aid in the diagnosis and treatment of asthma and other respiratory disorders such as chronic obstructive lung disease (COPD) in primary health treatment.

If performed correctly, in accordance with international guidelines the lung function test can be an extremely useful component of your asthma treatment strategy. It is highly recommended to diagnose asthma.

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If the lung function test is scheduled, you might see your health medical professional wearing personal protective equipment.

All providers who conduct tests for lung function are advised to speak with the local health authority in their area for guidance on the precautions to take when performing testing for lung function during COVID-19.

Is There Another Way To Determine The Lung Function Of My Patient?

Monitoring your peak flow may be a suitable alternative after discussing it with your physician.

Monitoring of peak flow can be done using a peak flow meter. It determines the maximum (or the peak) speed at which you are able to blow away air in your lung. This gives you a general sense of how small you airways may be. It also shows how your airways change over time if you take measurements of your flow at the peak every day.

Monitoring peak flow is not identical to spirometry and is only used as an aid to help you and your medical professional track your lung function.

Monitoring the flow of your peak is not suggested to determine the presence of asthma.

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COVID-19 Health Check and Other Tests to Determine Health Status

Affecting Logging With Accurate Peak Flow Meas

The accuracy of your records will assist your doctor to provide an accurate diagnosis of your asthma, along with an account of your asthma-related symptoms and the use of relievers for adjusting the treatment regimen.

Here’s how you can help:

  1. Utilize this useful log created in collaboration with the National Asthma Council Australia and Woolcock Institute for recording the lung capacity of your patients using
    • Peak flow meters: Peak flow chart
  2. A chart can be better than simply writing down an alphabetical list of numbers.
  3. Regularly read at the same time every day instead of only reading once
  4. Inject at the exact amount (maximum) while blowing into the meter every time.
  5. Follow the correct procedure (see at the end)
  6. You’ll have to figure out your “best” test score or your personal top

What Should My Lung Capacity Score What Should My Lung Capacity Score

It’s essential to speak to your physician before going forward with an instrument to measure peak flow, to ensure you have the best score possible and the best course of action should your score fall below the threshold, is clearly written in the written Asthma Action Plan.

It is recommended that your score be determined by your own personal peak flow measurement should be. This should be discussed by your physician.

When your scores are lower than the norm it could mean that your airways are smaller than normal. If your airways are clear and there is no irritation or swelling your score should be equal to or similar to the score you have achieved.

Everyone is going to have their own scoring system because it is based on the person’s height, age, and gender.

If you’re experiencing unwellness even with good peak flow test results, make sure you follow the directions of the Asthma Plan of Action Plan or consult your physician.

Who Is Able To Use A Myter For Peak Flow?

Monitoring peak flow should not be used for kids younger than 12 years of age. In the majority of children who suffer from asthma, the change in symptoms is just as efficient as monitoring peak flow to determine if the asthma of children is worsening.

Other Ways To Test Your Asthma Control To Assist You As Well As Your Physician

The doctors will also look into your asthma symptoms as well as your asthma control in order to help you manage your treatment and plan at home. Complete the Asthma Control Test on our website will also help your doctor to determine your asthma control level. Test yourself on this page as well as let your physician know the results at your next asthma check-up appointment.

You can also contact 1800 ASTHMA (1800 278 462) for a chat with an asthma Educator to help you with controlling your asthma. You can also make a reservation for a callback by clicking here.

Stop The Spread When Using Explosive Meter

If you’re suffering from COVID-19, it is essential to follow the health department’s advice and to avoid physical contact with people until you are no longer suffering from the virus. Your doctor or the public health department will inform you of exactly when this should be.

Coronavirus particles may remain on the surface for a number of days and can remain within the atmosphere for many hours, so it is important not to take for granted this recommendation.

Peak Flow Technique

It is recommended to talk with your physician or pharmacist about the procedure when it is included in the Asthma Action Plan. To refresh your knowledge, read below.

  1. Attach the mouthpiece at the bottom of the meter that measures peak flow in the event that it is equipped with an individual mouthpiece.
  2. Keep the peak flow meter until you are facing the best way, and the marker is at zero (0)
  3. Breathe deeply while standing up straight
  4. Put the mouthpiece in the mouth, squeezing teeth tightly packed around the mouthpiece. continue to hold the meter horizontally
  5. You should blow hard and quickly for a couple of seconds till your lungs have become empty
  6. Read the score
  7. Set the marker to zero, and repeat the process 2 or three times.
  8. Note the top three readings on the chart of peak flow.


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