Important things to know about the avuncular test

Important things to know about the avuncular test

DNA testing is very useful these days as it helps in finding maternal ancestry or biological parents of a child. Avuncular DNA testing is done to find a child’s biological aunt or uncle. This test is done by taking a sample from the child and analyzing it to find people who are biologically related to the child, such as an uncle or aunt. Let’s understand the facts about avuncular testing in this post.

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What you need to know

  • A child contains half of its biological mother’s genes and half of its biological father’s genes. The child’s biological father has related genes. For this reason, a child may inherit the characteristics of an uncle or aunt. In the event that the biological father of a child has died, a DNA test for the child and aunt will help establish the parentage for the child’s safety.
  • Test reports are calculated based on genetic matches. If the number of matches is high, the possible uncle or aunt is the child’s biological uncle or aunt. To get accurate results, we can opt for an uncle’s DNA test. The Y chromosome test can help you get accurate results.
  • Y chromosomes are passed down from birth fathers to sons, so male siblings only have a Y chromosome. The child’s Y chromosome is now matched to the father of the siblings, and if the result is not the same, the uncle is not an uncle.
  • Today it is easy to do an avuncular DNA test at home. The lab will send samples to you and collect some samples such as nail clippings and hair. You must return the sample to the laboratory on a prepaid label. They will help you with the results after checking.

Most DNA testing is done between the child and the father or mother or paternal or maternal grandparents and other such people involved in the same family. If there are no such direct options, the next person to consider is a sibling on the father’s or mother’s side.