Transforming Your Business with Udyam Registration Portal: A Step-by-Step Guide to Downloading Your Certificate

Transforming Your Business with Udyam Registration Portal: A Step-by-Step Guide to Downloading Your Certificate

Unleash your full business potential with the  Udyam subscription portal. Learn how to download your Udyam certificate with our step-by-step guide and take your business to the next level. 

The Government of India has launched many programs during the COVID-19 pandemic related to business and changed the definition of MSMEs as a business. Recently, the government released the new Udyam Registration Portal which is a new initiative by the MSME department to apply for a new  MSME registration method or Udyog Aadhar registration. The Udyam registration portal is hosted on the old udyog aadhar site and also the new I site. e ( 

What is Udyam Registration Portal ( 

Udyam Registration Portal is designed for small and medium businesses. When the government announced the new definition of MSME, this time on the old Udyog Aadhar portal, there were a lot of errors or problems like old details or the whole business was removed from the list. NIC codes, etc. So every entrepreneur doesn’t understand how they can avail of government benefits for MSMEs without registering on the MSME portal or Udyog Aadhar. But now after  Udyam  

The government registration portal has completed the change process and solved all the problems with the integration of other government platforms like the TPS registration portal, MSME Samadhan, etc. 

 What is the procedure for the Udyam registration portal? 

 So before starting the procedure on the Udyam registration portal or website, we need to know new definition of  MSME – 

 There are 3 classifications of any business under Udyam registration – 

  • #1 A micro business is called when the investment in the machine or equipment cannot exceed 1 core and the revenue cannot exceed 5 cores.
  • #2 A small business is said to be when the investment in machinery or equipment cannot exceed 10 Cr and the turnover does not exceed  50 Cr. 
  • #3 A medium-sized enterprise is called when the investment capital in machinery and equipment does not exceed  50 Crore and the turnover does not exceed 250 Crore. 

 So how to calculate revenue or investment for  Udyam record – 

For the Udyam record, you need to calculate revenue or investment only through  GSTIN or Pan of a single entity. This means that if you have multiple GSTINs for your company or companies that are linked by a single company Pan tag, all of that revenue or investment counts as a single company. register Udyam.  What is the requirement for the Udyam registration portal – 

The only requirement is that your company or business falls under the new definition of MSME and intends to establish a micro SME under the MSME definition law. In addition to identifying MSMEs, you also need an Aadhar map, which is a key component of the Udyam registration. So below is a simplified list so you can easily identify the person’s aadhar card by a legal entity –

#1 In the case of sole proprietorship – The owner’s AADHAR card is enough to apply for udyam  

#2 In the case of partnership business – Any partner’s Aadhar card is required. #3 In the case of HUF – a Karta Aadhar Card is required #4 In the case of Company/LLP/Trust – an Aadhar Card of an Authorized Signer is required. 

If in any case aadhar card is not available, there is an offline procedure to be applied directly to the DIC (District Industry Center) with an offline form signed by the company’s authorized signatory or ‘ enterprise. 

 Who is required to register for Udyam? 

 So there are 2 types of company categories to register in the Udyam registration portal – 

Before 30.06.2020 – #1, If your company or business or company registered before 30.06.2020 through the Udyog Aadhar portal and received 12 digit Udyog Aadhar registration number, you need to re-register on the Udyam registration portal until March 31, 2021. Because after  March On December 31, 2021, your digital memorandum number 12  Udyog Aadhar will expire for the same reason.

After 1st July 2020 

 #2, If your company is not registered on the udyog aadhar portal and already has other legal registration like GST or Pan etc. or planning to set up a new business in India, you can apply directly on the Udyam registration portal instead of the old Udyog Aadhar portal. 

Udyam Application Portal step-by-step process with video – 

 Udyam Registration Portal will be launched from 1st July 2020 and the following process or procedure will involve the complete online application process – 

  •  #1 For Udyam registration, an Aadhar card number is required or required. #2 In the case of a limited liability company, LLP, partnership, trust, etc. Aadhar, GST, and Pan cards are required to fill in the Udyam registration portal. #3 There is no official government fee for  Udyam registration. 
  •  #4 Full registration for Udyam will be on a self-report basis.
  • #5 No company or business may submit more than one Udyam application and generate a certificate. 
  •  #6 All different business activities will be mentioned in 1 application only  Udyam  
  •  #7 After completing the application, the portal is given a unique permanent identification number also known as is registration number Udyam  
  •  #8 A Udyam registration certificate will be issued as a copy of an electronic certificate with a QR code showing full details of the entity  April 2021, Pan and GST  are required for the Udyam registration portal. 

What is the penalty for misrepresenting information on the Udyam portal – 

If a company or individual misrepresents information on the Udyam portal, there are 2 penalties under Article 28 of the law –

  • #1 In the case of a first conviction, the fine is 1000/-INR. 
  •  #2 Second time, it will be no less than 1000/-INR but expandable up to 10000/-INR. 

 Handling Complaints or Complaints on Udyam Portal – 

 The government has set up a champion portal to deal with any yam portal-related issues with  MSME department offices. They act as a one-stop system for certification of approvals or requirements. How does help with Udyam registration?

 At, we provide online legal services to small businesses and startups. If you are not familiar with  Udyam registration you can use our professional services where we can help you convert your existing MSME or Udyog Aadhar to Udyam registration or new Udyam registration. with other compliances like GST or Pan etc. 


Udyam Registration Portal is a game changer for SMEs in India. It streamlines the application process, provides access to government benefits, and helps businesses reach their full potential. With our step-by-step guide, you can easily Download Udyam Certificate and enjoy all the benefits it has to offer. Don’t let registration issues hold you back – transform your business with the Udyam registration portal today.

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