Learn Why You Must Maintain Your Beloved Royal Enfield

Learn Why You Must Maintain Your Beloved Royal Enfield

Even though you are aware of its capabilities and detest paying its hefty maintenance costs, you still use it. One of the most human-like machines is the flawed but magnificent Royal Enfield. It’s almost like being in a relationship to possess this bike. You must maintain Royal Enfield for it to run at its best. 

Why Should You Maintain Royal Enfield?

A Bullet requires on-going maintenance. The typical servicing fee for a Royal Enfield motorcycle is almost twice as much as for a standard motorcycle. Not to mention the increased price of Royal Enfield modification accessories. In addition to the regular services, there are a few things that the buyer must do.

For the first 500 kilometres and the next 2000 kilometres, the owner cannot go faster than 60 and 70 kilometres per hour. It is crucial to pressure clean the bike monthly and lubricate the cables and chain afterward. You can also use the best bike cleaning kit available in the market.

You’ll ride more comfortably, stay safe, and save money if you maintain your bike well. Don’t wait until anything breaks down in the middle of a ride. Routine maintenance may keep you safe and spare you from needing to make expensive repairs later.

  • Better Resale Value – If the bike has comprehensive service records, the owner will have the advantage when selling it. Customers will be ready to pay more only for the bike’s condition.
  • Less Frequent Breakdowns – Routine maintenance dramatically decreases the likelihood of unexpected failures and part failures. In fact, one is completely at ease when riding the bike. This shapes the user’s perception of the bike’s dependability.
  • Lower Wear & Tear Rate – When the bike’s parts are properly cared for and maintained, they deteriorate more gradually. While changing the engine oil at regular intervals lowers the engine component wear and tear rate, cleaning and lubricating the chain increases its lifespan.
  • Better Fuel Efficiency – The engine and other mechanicals remain in excellent shape thanks to preventive maintenance. Greater fuel efficiency results from regular oil changes filter cleaning, and the proper pressure in the tyres.
  • Smooth To Operate – A properly maintained bike has a tight mechanical feel that increases the rider’s confidence while moving.
  • Better Life of Parts – Lubricating components and correcting their play during bike maintenance restores their natural operation and lowers unneeded stress. For instance, a clean and well-lubricated chain will increase the sprocket’s lifespan.

The style, performance, and configurations of Royal Enfield motorbikes make them highly sought-after vehicles. However, buying one entails paying the hefty maintenance costs needed to maintain it in good shape. You can use the tips provided in this article to maintain Royal Enfield. You can reduce these costs with a little maintenance.

Kickstart Every Morning

At night, all motorcycle engines cool down. The ignition system cannot start the engine without heat in a Royal Enfield. It would be wise to start your bike every morning because it relies on friction. Push the starter button to apply additional force to the motor and battery of your motorcycle. It will help to warm up the engine and start the mechanism. 

Wash It Infrequently

Even if cleanliness is important, you must not maintain Royal Enfield motorbike daily. It can lead to corrosion due to too much water exposure, which accelerates paint ageing and dulling. Instead, use a lint-free cloth to wipe your bike’s clear finish every day. Use water just once every one to two weeks to retain its shine. 

Tyre Pressure

One of the most important steps is also the one that gets the least attention. Get the tyre pressure checked and adjusted once a week. Riding on underinflated wheels may produce a bumpy ride and put too much strain on the tyres. On the contrary, tyre pressure higher than necessary would result in a rough ride. It is not ideal for your journey.

Therefore, be sure the tyre pressure is always set at the proper amount. As a general guideline, remember to change the tyres at least after five years which is their maximum life.

Lube It Right

The chain is one of the most crucial aspects of riding a Royal Enfield motorbike. In essence, the chain is what propels the motorbike forward. Put the motorbike on its main or paddock stand whenever you feel the chain needs lubrication. Clean the chain by spinning the tyre with your hand.

Use a special chain cleaning solution and brush, and let the area alone for a bit. Then pour water through it till clean water is coming out of it. Apply a decent chain lubricant spray to the chain after cleaning it. Ensure that you have reached every link in the chain.

Everyone in the modern automobile industry is familiar with the Royal Enfield. It’s undoubtedly one of the most sought-after motorcycles on the market right now. So, make sure to maintain Royal Enfield using the above-mentioned tips. Don’t forget to equip your bike with the best accessories from Carorbis.com. Here you will get the best accessories at a great deal.


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