How are Bamboo Fabric Suppliers in India Replacing Cotton Fabric?

How are Bamboo Fabric Suppliers in India Replacing Cotton Fabric?

Cotton has been one of the popular clothes fabrics because of several features like softness, breathability, and versatile nature. While producing cotton clothes we need to use a lot of water, and pesticides, and require proper land with necessary nutrients for cotton plants. These reasons forced some people to go for sustainable clothing manufacturers which use less chemicals and water than cotton. Bamboo fabric may be a good alternative for cotton and it is new in the textile industry which emerged as a good choice. In this article, we will cover points related to the benefits of bamboo fabrics over cotton in the textile industry.

Comparison of Bamboo and Cotton

Following are certain points on which we will compare the cotton and bamboo fabric to see which one is a better choice:

  1. Resource Utilization

While cultivating traditional cotton you should be aware of its high-water consumption and require a good number of pesticides. To produce a good cotton T-shirt, a farmer or manufacturer needs to put around 2700 liters of water on the field and it also requires cotton farming on a vast agricultural land.

Bamboo is a highly sustainable and resource-efficient plant which can be a better choice than cotton fabric. It quickly grows and the species matures early as compared with cotton in which they require several months to mature. Bamboo trees do not require pesticides unlike cotton plants and they even consumemuch less water as compared with cotton crops. Some farmers even say that bamboo can be grown on any land that is not suitable for other crops and also reduces pressure on arable land.

  1. Chemical Usage

In the conventional cotton farming process, every farmer needs to heavily rely on several pesticides and insecticides so that their crops remain protected from pests and diseases. These chemicals are even harmful to the environment, body, and the health of farmworkers and they need to follow all the safety measures.

In the case of bamboo, farmers do not need to use harmful chemicals like pesticides or insecticides because bamboo is a natural pest-resistant product. This is the main reason why bamboo is more environmentally friendly and it also reduces the harmful impact on the environment associated with chemical pesticide use.

  1. Maintain Temperature and Breathability

People used to wear cotton dress in the summer season because it is highly breathable allowing air to flow inside them and moisture gets evaporate. That is the main reason why your body temperature remains stable after wearing cotton clothes and people wear these clothes during warm or humid weather.

Bamboo is also similar to cotton in breathability and maintains the temperature of the body. Bamboo seems to be hard from the outside but its fabric is exceptionally breathable and offers some great moisture-soaking properties as compared to cotton fabric. All bamboo fabric suppliers in India know the secret about it it can keep your body cooler and more comfortable during hot and humid conditions.


After seeing a few comparisons, we can say both are equivalent to each other but yes bamboo fabric is more eco-friendly than cotton fabric. Both cotton and bamboo fabric are biodegradable but cotton requires more time than bamboo. Bamboo has antibacterial properties that will not allow bacteria to grow on your fabric without using any external perfume or powder.


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