7 Lovely designs for Kundan artificial jewellery in 2023 for brides

7 Lovely designs for Kundan artificial jewellery in 2023 for brides

For ages, Hindu brides have favored kundan jewellery, and for good reason, 2023 artificial jewellery is popular. Kundan wedding jewellery type of traditional jewelry has exquisite, uncut diamond motifs embedded in gold. Kundan ethnic necklace or Kundan choker sets give you a DIVA look with its royal energy. From our selection of Swarajshop, choose the finest imitation jewellery set made in India.

As we entered 2023, the pearl kundan set is experiencing a rise in popularity as a wedding ethnic jewellery set :

1. Necklace in the satlada style:

The most popular piece of jewelry is the satlada design, which elegantly encircles your entire neck. It’s among India’s top artificial jewellery pieces. Also, this Kundan necklace takes on a fully traditional and royal appearance when pearls are added.

2. Heavy artificial jewellery set of Pearls and Kundan 

The pearl-based jewelry looks surprisingly good with the light-colored clothing. This Kundan dulhan jewellery set can have a gold shell tint added to it. It is among the most popular artificial jewelry in India. If you wear wholesale bracelets or matha Patti, the pearls enhance the elegance of your Kundan pendants. The combination of pearl, Kundan gemstones, and gold embellishments gives this outfit a gorgeous wedding aspect.

3. Rose choker made with gemstones and Kundan:

Every woman’s favorite color is rose, which never goes out of style. Well, so why not? As a result, we have rose wedding artificial jewellery options in our portfolio if you want to incorporate roses into your kundan set for marriage. Pair the golden or pink lehenga with the pink/rose Kundan necklace made of gemstones. Moreover, the numerous layers of this Kundan choker set add the ideal amount of weight and royalty for the wedding day.

Women all around the country and even the world have a tremendous love for this style of jewelry, from the courtyards of Rajasthani palaces to now. Women like to add beautiful ethnic necklace set to their looks to break up the monotony and make them appear regal and exquisite. They do this in addition to wearing Kundan artificial jewellery with a heavy pattern with Indian or ethnic clothing.

4. A stylish appearance with small stones kundan artificial jewellery:

The tiny Kundan stone accents on the green gold shells complete the beautiful appearance. Use these artificial jewellery sets preferably with bridal gowns that are similarly colored and lavishly embroidered. To have lovely clothing, pair this with a light-colored embroidered dress.

5. Multi-layered Necklace with Detailed Emeralds:

The multi-layered Kundan artificial necklace would be ideal for you if you wish to look stunning as a bride while wearing a single necklace that completely covers your neck. The chain forms in the fashion of a Kundan choker set now in 2023. It has several layers of floral and other designs connected to it to give the Kundan artificial jewellery appropriate weight and heft. More moon-shaped work is done at the end, and lateral lines are used to distinguish one layer from another.

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6. Precise Kundan Rani Haar:

Every girl wants to look “like a Queen or a Princess” on her big marriage day! What could be more satisfying than having our Kundan stone-adorned Rani haar assist in making this wish come true? These gorgeous details give your Rani haar necklace volume regardless of how long or short it is.

Gold-plated off-white bead multi-stranded chain with a drawstring fastening and a square-shaped center embellished with Kundan and imitation stones and beaded droplets. An identical pair of circular earrings with a post-and-back fastening. Our artificial jewellery is created and manufactured in India, helping hundreds of regional craftspeople.

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7. Simple but attractive appearance kundan chains

Traditional brides are frequently portrayed as brilliant, colorful, and decorated to the hilt. Yet the current fashion says otherwise! Many brides like a simple, delicate, and understated appearance. At their wedding, they typically don little Kundan stone beaded necklaces. Use Kundan stones, maang tikka, medium-sized earrings, and a necklace for a straightforward bride appearance.

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