Top Door Maintenance Practices

Top Door Maintenance Practices

Doors play a significant role in setting your home’s tone, explaining why you should consider several things before buying one. Doors define rooms, create privacy, and instill style in your property. 

Interior doors are available in different designs, making it easier for homeowners to blend them with their décor. There are different types of door designs today, which makes it hard to choose the most ideal. 

Doors also have different maintenance requirements; you should research them to make a more informed decision. Also, door installation plays a key role in its longevity, and below we discuss the top door maintenance practices. 


The more you use your door, the more likely you will be required to repair its mechanical parts. This decline might make your door less safe for use and less efficient. Homeowners should follow the following steps to limit their door’s deterioration;

  • Lubricate often
  • Check the canopy door every seven months
  • Lubricate all pivot points once annually
  • Service the roller doors annually to keep all components in the best shape
  • Avoid oiling the lock cylinder
  • Fix all damage to the gear immediately. 

General Care and Cleaning

Besides the regular maintenance work, it is advisable to clean your doors every once in a while. The most effective cleaning tips include;

  • Cleaning the door panel every three months using warm water
  • People in coastal areas should clean doors bi-weekly to prevent corrosion
  • Reduce the door’s contact with acidic or caustic substances
  • Avoid using detergents, solvents, or caustic as they increase damage. 

Fortunately, most doors are low maintenance, and you will prolong their lifespan with basic measures. 

Types of Doors 

Doors are available in different variations, mainly categorized depending on their functionality. This classification is important, enabling homeowners to pick the best design. Below we discuss the most common types of doors.

Dutch Doors 

Dutch doors are mainly used as entry-point doors and operate independently because they are split in half. Duct doors are ideal for kitchen use, as at the patio. 

Bifold Doors 

Bifold doors are lightweight and slide open after the door folds, explaining why they are used in kitchens, utility rooms, and closets. However, some bifold doors are made using steel and glass frames, making them ideal for exterior use.

French Doors 

French doors are statement-making and elegant for interior use. These doors are double-designed and can open independently or together. French doors are mainly used for exterior purposes, as they bring extra light to a room. 

French doors are also used to divide rooms without a space enclosure. 

Hinged Doors 

Hinged doors are called passage doors and are installed on hinges to ensure they swing within the room. 

Sliding Doors 

Sliding doors are mainly used on the side or back of a house and open to a deck or patio. However, these doors can also be used in closets due to their extensive features.

Final Thoughts 

Doors play a key role in your home’s security, so you must consider certain things to make a more informed decision. The above article has discussed the main door maintenance practices, and you can reach out for more. 


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